Challenges that Business Leaders Face Today

Article by The Global Spiritualists Association. The world has long recognized the importance of small business owners. They offer jobs for local individuals plus they provide amazing products and services to their communities. However, the poor economy that most have faced over the last several years

Celebrities Who Enjoy Abundant Life

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance.  Our limiting belief system blocks wealth and success from flowing. This principle is true for entertainers as well as the grocery store clerk. The way we think about wealth and success can be our greatest hindrance. What can

5 classic gifts for movie lovers

Blog provided by Curacao For movie lovers with a lot of style, we have put together a unique list of gifts that will enhance their movie experience while making a big impression. Epson full HD projector The EPSON projector is known for its color accuracy,

Finding the Best Acoustic Foam Placement for Your Recording Studio

Article provided by The Foam Factory Previously, this blog has discussed the effectiveness of acoustic foam panels for improving sound quality during music or voice recordings. Acoustic foam allows sound waves to pass through its porous structure while it dissipates the sound waves’ excess energy

Four Classic Film Directors Who Will Live on Forever

Article provided by Herb Kimble. All of the directors below shaped cinema throughout their careers, and their films continue to do so. Martin Scorsese Still directing films as fresh and innovative as “Hugo” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” in his 60s and 70s, Martin

The Responsibilities of a Film Producer

Article By Herb Kimble. The title “film producer” is rather vague when you truly think about it. For those outside the industry, it’s difficult to tell how this position helps create a movie or television show. The producer, or chairman of the film, takes on

Top Five Highest Grossing Rock Albums

“Thriller” – With almost 65 million units sold worldwide Thriller is the all time album sales champ. A unique amalgam of R&B, Dance, Rock and Pop music, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien made musical history with this groundbreaking record. While there may be