The Difference Between a Character and Plot Driven Film

Whether you are writing or directing a film, it’s important to distinguish between what is a plot or a character driven story. A story uses either plot or character to drive its action. We can think about Star Wars in terms of the action defining


How to Launch a Film

Every indie filmmaker struggles with the same basic problem, which is the leap from amateur to professional. How do you make a film and get it distributed? Hollywood is one of the most competitive places on Earth, so you need to think outside the box

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Celebrities Getting Married in 2015

Various celebrities are expected to get married in 2015, while some dates are not yet official, speculations are rife. Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Even though Wilde has not set a wedding date with her fiance and baby’s father Jason Sudeikis, she has confirmed having

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Film vs. Digital in Filmmaking

Written by: Charlie Matthau Summary: Learn why cinema has transitioned to digital. Quentin Tarantino recently purchased and renovated the New Beverly with the sole purpose of showing 35mm films. Not too many films are shot on film stock these days; digital is the favored medium

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How Digital Has Changed Filmmaking

Written by: Charles Matthau Summary: Digital has changed almost every aspect of filmmaking. Since the movie industry has decided to shift to digital, the entire process of making and marketing a movie has changed. Although we’re not quite at the apex of what is possible,


Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is quite a common practice among celebrities. With the profession requiring that they look their absolute best in every single shot or at every single event, a good portion of celebrities decide to defy nature and opt for certain modifications of their features.

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4 Spectacular Movies That Deserve To Be Seen

Certain movies might not have made it to the list of blockbusters but yet they are still amazing and deserve more attention than what they got. If you are seeking a list of some of these movies, you might consider the names below. The Descent


Top Elmore Leonard Adaptations

Contemporary audiences might recognize the late Elmore Leonard most for the series Justified, which appears on FX TV. Storied film and literature buffs know of a richer history, of a man writing quirky and sometimes comedic crime dramas. Leonard’s early work was largely based in


2014 Blockbusters

If you have not already watched these movies, you might want to give them some attention before the end of the year is here. These movies have fared well in terms of earnings but have also gained public acclaim for being great entertainment. Mockingjay Part