Finding the Best Acoustic Foam Placement for Your Recording Studio

Article provided by The Foam Factory

Previously, this blog has discussed the effectiveness of acoustic foam panels for improving sound quality during music or voice recordings. Acoustic foam allows sound waves to pass through its porous structure while it dissipates the sound waves’ excess energy as heat. This is how acoustic foam “absorbs” sound and prevents reflections that cause unwanted echoes. To fully take advantage of acoustic foam’s unique traits, you must understand where to place it for the best results.

Echoes happen because sound waves reflect off flat surfaces and continue reflecting throughout a room. In light of this, you must identify the reflection points that cause sound waves to hit your microphone. Separate rooms have unique measurements and symmetrical features, so reflection points will be different for everybody. One simple way to identify the first reflection points that can affect your recording quality is by using a mirror. GIK Acoustics has created a helpful video explaining how to use a mirror for identifying reflection points.

Another practice that can help you find the most ideal placement for your acoustic foam is understanding room modes. Room modes are the natural resonances that occur in a room because of its unique shape. Some sounds will be louder in certain areas of your room. This is why it is crucial to add bass absorbers in your room corners because bass sounds tend to gather in the corners of rooms. If you know your room’s measurements, you can use mathematical formulas to calculate your room modes. Amcoustics has a helpful tool for easy room mode calculation that you can use. Once you have calculated which resonances are amplified by room modes, you can address the effects of these resonances by changing your room layout and adding acoustic foam products. You can find more information about treating room modes online.

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