Top Five Highest Grossing Rock Albums

“Thriller” – With almost 65 million units sold worldwide Thriller is the all time album sales champ. A unique amalgam of R&B, Dance, Rock and Pop music, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien made musical history with this groundbreaking record. While there may be some who don’t think of Michael Jackson as a rock artist, the Thriller band is essentially studio hotshot rock band Toto with guest appearances from Eddie Van Halen and some others.

“Back in Black” – AC/DC bounced back from the death of singer Bon Scott in colossal fashion with this Mutt Lange produced rock masterpiece. Brian Johnson owns the vocals and brothers Angus and Malcolm Young slam their guitar riffs with gusto to the tune of 50 million units sold.

“Dark Side of the Moon” – Spending years on the Billboard 100 charts, Dark Side of the Moon has sold 45 million units since its release in 1973. Roger Waters’ concept album of songs combined with the vocals and iconic guitar of David Gilmour were given the unique sonic treatment by studio whiz Alan Parsons to perfectly sync with the drug culture of the 70’s.. “Dark Side” is still a stoner’s soundtrack now into its 3rd generation.

“Bat Out of Hell” – a mini opera created by Jim Steinman and produced by Todd Rundgren, Bat Out of Hell has become an FM radio staple with the powerful baritone of MeatLoaf front and center. The corpulent singer & actor Marvin Lee Aday became the perfect voice for Steinman’s tales of teenage lust and longing, resulting in 43 million units sold and a sequel album 15 years later in 1993 and a third installment in 2006.

“Eagles Greatest Hits” – from humble L.A. beginnings as Linda Ronstadt’s backup band, the Eagles are the biggest selling US rock band in history with their greatest hits collection moving a whopping 42 million units. With the death months ago of founder Glenn Frey, the Eagles will never again form a reunion (there have been several since they disbanded in the 1980’s) but they leave behind a legacy of classic rock standards, including their biggest hit, “Hotel California”, which ironically was not included in the original greatest hits release.