Tia Mowry Calls Out Body Shamers

tia-mowryThe 37 year old star of “Sister, Sister”, “The Game” and “Tia & Tamera” sparked pregnancy rumours in December, because she seemed to have a fuller figure. She then crushed rumours by stating, that she had put on some weight, because of her cooking show “Tia Mowry at Home”.

Recently, she was victim to bullying via instagram, when she posted a picture of herself in floral dress. She wrote “I don’t normally do this, but I wanted to prove a point, I just posted a few days ago about embracing and uplifting others about body image. Here, @miekk_ felt the need to say I was getting fat.”

She went on to say “I took a look at your profile (@miekk_) and I was sad to see that you WORK for YOUNG African American girls aiding in their studies. I hope this isn’t what you would tell your girls? Does your BOSS know that this is how you degrade other WOMEN?”

She added “@hbcutravelers Internet BULLYING is not cool and it needs to stop, in the development of African-American students by promoting travel.” “Would you say this to my face? Is this how you speak to yourself when YOU look at yourself in the mirror. Again, I’m shining a light on this issue hoping to see change. Love and uplift!”

After the stars post the user @miekk_  decided to delete her Instagram account. HBCU Travelers, on the other hand, stated that the group “does not encourage bullying in any way, shape, or form.”