Celebrities Who Have Had Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is quite a common practice among celebrities. With the profession requiring that they look their absolute best in every single shot or at every single event, a good portion of celebrities decide to defy nature and opt for certain modifications of their features. The list below might help you discover the changes that some celebrities have gone for.

Jessica Simpson

Even though Jessica Simpson has often voice out about the importance of looking natural, she has admitted to having recourse to lip injections. The product that she used was Restylane. Luckily the effects of this injection were temporary.

Dianna Agron

The star who rose to popularity due to her role in the popular show Glee had told David Letterman during an interview that she had her nose fixed. Apparently she had broken her nose twice.


In 1992, the popular singer told People Magazine that she regretted having gone for breast implants. She wanted to get the same effect she had when she was pregnant. However, the effect of the implant was not the same.

Jenny McCarthy

The actress and TV host got breast implants while she was still 19. She said that it was one of the worst experiences ever. Probably due to the fact that she did not check the doctor’s experience before opting for the surgery.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox often has recourse to botox to get rid of her fine lines. She has however admitted that something the dose is too high and she is not able to move her face and show her expression for a few days.

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