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The Flash Season 1 Finale: A Short Review

Article written by Sid Solomon By the end of Season One of the Flash, it’s now evident that Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash who is back from the future and who is also the killer of Barry’s Mom. Now, even though Dr. Wells is in

Facts About Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Girl

The newest addition to the British royal family is a baby girl. The baby girl weighed a total of eight pound and three ounces. She was three ounces lighter than her elder brother, Prince George. Quite expectedly, the birth has given rise to much of

How Top Musicians Built Their YouTube Audiences in 2014

Long before the trial-launch of YouTube Music Key Service, music still remained one of the biggest reason why YouTube was used in 2014. This is because of the manner in which popular musicians built their list of subscribers using Google’s video service over the last

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The Best Place for Streaming Radio

Streaming radio is also called things such as internet radio or web radio. They all mean the same thing. Listening to music online can be done through radio free stations. You can find a complete list of free internet radio stations at You have