PSY’s “Gentleman” Isn’t Another “Gangnam Style”, Early Reviews are Positive

PSY’s fans say that “Gentleman” won’t be another “Gangnam style” yet early reviews are positive.

A fan sums it up well, in referring to this hotly-anticipated single, in saying, “I would shake my booty to this if it came on in a club. But it’s not as catchy as Gangnam Style.”

What has also raised debate about ‘Gentleman’ has been the inclusion of lyrics such as: “I’m a motherf***ing gentleman” and which in the version released on YouTube is heard as a “mother-father gentleman”.

According to the Independent, Psy’s latest release is full of puns in Korean yet despite these reviews, most people are of the opinion that this release won’t enjoy the success that Gangnam Style had.

As for the dance choreographed with this single, people will only be able see it when PSY performs at Seoul’s World Cup stadium. However, the song was released in 100 countries on April 13, 2013 simultaneously even if fans in New Zealand and Australia got to hear it first, thanks to the time difference.

As mentioned earlier, PSY’s earlier single “Gangnam Style” became a worldwide phenomenon topped the charts in the UK in September 2012, and by February, went to sell at least a million copies of the song.

What etched Psy’s name in the record books literally was the fact that Gangnam Style became the most-watched song on YouTube with almost a billion and a half views and counting – with his dance routine really catching on throughout the world.