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Eubie Blake: A Ragtime Sensation

By Samuel Phineas Upham Eubie Blake, who would go on to become one of the most revered pianists and composers of the ragtime generation, was born in February of 1883 in Marylan. By the end of Blake’s life, he’d have formed a partnership with another

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4 Places to Watch the Best Live Music in the World

Almost all us who enjoy music would like to watch one of our favorite bands in action – it’s a different experience altogether. One that is worth every minute of your time whether you are traveling abroad or looking for a local act. But where

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Making a Living in the Music Business – A Note

Not every musician makes as much as Dr. Dre, who makes most of his money by selling headphones while also making the occasional record and performing live as well. That’s really the story of the music industry ever since the recession. In a recent survey

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Internet Radio – Free Access to The Greatest and Latest Music

Nowadays, music is more convenient to find and enjoy thanks to the digital revolution. With the use of a computer, you can access a whole lot of internet radio free stations. Such online stations provide a better music experience compared to the traditional radio broadcast

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Listen To All Of Your 70s Music Favorites Now

Do you remember back to the days when music was enjoyable and how you wish you could relieve it? For those who remember and love the 70s music can now enjoy it at any time of the day or night by listening online. Why pay