Celebrities Who Enjoy Abundant Life

Article provided by Zhang Xinyue of Create Abundance

Our limiting belief system blocks wealth and success from flowing. This principle is true for entertainers as well as the grocery store clerk. The way we think about wealth and success can be our greatest hindrance. What can we do about this?

Some of us associate abundance with money, houses and cars but there’s much more to this than material possessions. In order to truly walk in abundance, you must have peace within your own soul. You must have friendships and family that care for you. You need good health. When we have a positive mindset that is open to success, fame and fortune, we are able to embrace those concepts.

What is in your heart?

Is it possible to have everything your heart desires? Imagine what it would be like to be a well-paid, successful Hollywood movie star. It’s easy to allow yourself to focus on the wrong things. Abundance is about flowing with the positive forces of the universe. It’s about feeling like you fit in and are part of the universal ecology.

How to begin

For some people, it’s important to go back in time and remember those who’ve hurt you, then let them go. Visualize each person who has brought you pain in some area. Close your eyes and imagine that they are each one locked in an iron cage. Now, take a deep breath and march over to each cage. Unlock the door and allow the person to go free.

This exercise will be harder for some people but continue to persist until you’re able to fully forgive each one.

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