Facts About Kate Middleton and Prince William’s Baby Girl

The newest addition to the British royal family is a baby girl. The baby girl weighed a total of eight pound and three ounces. She was three ounces lighter than her elder brother, Prince George. Quite expectedly, the birth has given rise to much of a fanfare. The royal family has already announced the name of the new Princess – Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

Fourth in the line

With this new birth, Kate and William’s baby girl has surpassed her Uncle Harry in the line to the throne. She is now at number four right after Prince Charles, Prince William and her brother.

Family Tradition

The royal family has always shown that they are very much attached to family traditions. The princess was born at the St. Mary’s Hospital in the Lindo Wing. This was also the site of her father Prince William’s birth and that of her uncle in 1982 and 1984 respectively. Prince George was also born in the same hospital ward in 2013.

The Princess Could be Queen

Even though the princess might ultimately be known as “spare to the heir” since she will be second in line while her brother Prince George would be the monarch, she could end up being Queen. In various examples in British history, the second royal child had effectively ascended to the throne. For instance, after Prince Albert Victor died from flu in 1910, his brother George V became the king. George VI, moreover, became king after his older brother Edward VIII abdicated in 1936.

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