Rihanna and Bieber fight for ‘most viewed celebrity’ on YouTube, PSY Poses a Threat

Both Rihanna and Bieber are locked in battle over the top spot for the most viewed celebrity on YouTube.

According to StarCount’s social media tracker, Rihanna had usurped Bieber’s spot as the most viewed celebrity on YouTube only a few weeks ago to lose the top spot once again the singer who is most famous for his single titled ‘Baby’.

It was over the weekend that Bieber’s official YouTube Channel (BieberVEVO) registered 3.5 billion views leaving behind Rihanna’s YouTube Channel (RihannaVEVO) in terms of total number of views and which stood at 3.4 billion in all.

However, it was not Rihanna or Bieber that was in top spot from the start but Lady Gaga who by October 2010 had almost 1 billion views to her name. It was only a month later that Bieber fans pushed him to the top of the heap while also helping him get to 2 and 3 billion views before a host of other celebrities.

With Rihanna in second spot for a while now, Eminem has also overtaken Lady Gaga, and who has currently slipped to fourth place in the rankings of the most popular celebrities on YouTube.

What Bieber will also notice is that Rihanna is still in hot pursuit, he cannot ignore the overwhelming popularity of PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style’ that has already registered 1.4 billion views and whose official YouTube channel has already posted 2 billion views and counting.

Among other artists vying for Bieber’s crown are Shakira, Beyonce, Chris Brown, The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Lopez.