4 Places to Watch the Best Live Music in the World

Almost all us who enjoy music would like to watch one of our favorite bands in action – it’s a different experience altogether.

One that is worth every minute of your time whether you are traveling abroad or looking for a local act.

But where do music lovers go? Here are 4 places to watch the best live music in the world:

#1: New York City, United States

Whether it is Madison Square Garden, Broadway musicals or Carnegie Hall to much smaller locations, New York City has something for every music lover. The best part is that it is affordable too.

#2: Austin, United States

If you plan a trip during the South by Southwest Festival, you could enjoy a year’s worth of music in just a few nights. However, if that’s not possible, with theaters and bars playing host to a number of bands from genres including blues, country, folk, alternative and rock, prepare yourself for a wonderful time.

#3: Melbourne, Australia

If you’re traveling to Australia, Melbourne might be the best place for music lovers apart from Perth. Whether it’s the Corner, Festival Hall, Espy, Palace or the Hi-Fi, it’s a time when you can enjoy the best music available in Australia, without a doubt.

#4: Dublin, Ireland

It’s a different live music scene in Dublin where the best places to listen to music are the pubs where the locals play traditional music. Better still, if you can play music yourself, you can play a few tunes for the people in these pubs as well.