Tricks for better singing posture

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Posture is one of the most important tools in a singer’s toolbox. Posture ensures you have the right breathing, body positioning, and support for singing with a clear, resonant, powerful voice. However, it can be challenging to maintain good posture during long performances or recording sessions. Luckily, there are several tricks you can use to practice having good posture consistently. Here are a few things you can do to help you keep good posture while singing:

Practice properly aligning your body

Classical Voice Studio identifies 7 points of proper singing posture to align correctly. These are the feet, the knees, the spine, the chest, the shoulders, the hands, and the head. The key is to stand up straight and without tension in your body. See their article for more details.

Posture exercises

TakeLessons Live gives three singing exercises that will help improve your posture. These include standing up straight against a wall, increasing your buoyancy, and expanding and contracting your stomach. These will help you understand the importance of standing up straight, distributing your weight, and breathing correctly.

Use foam seat cushions

If you sing opera or choral music, or if you like to record while sitting down, the type of chair you use can have a positive or negative effect on your posture. The book Prescriptions for Choral Excellence recommends using triangular foam rubber seat cushions that slant a singer’s body downwards toward the front of the chair.

This might mean you need a cushion replacement for your old chairs. Contact The Foam Factory about the custom shape you need and they’ll make your idea come to life.