How the celebs fight frizz

27Written by Costbuys

Frizzy hair is caused by humidity and can make your hairstyle look messy and your hair to look dry and damaged. Celebrities have to look their best all the time and they have a few tricks that they used to fight daily frizz. These simple products can all be purchased on shopping websites that sell beauty products at affordable prices.

Look at your shampoo’s ingredients – Look at your bottle of shampoo and find out what ingredients go into it. The closer the ingredients are at the top, the more concentrated they are. For frizz-fighting shampoo, look for ingredients like sulfate-free and vitamin B.

A weekly conditioner trick – If you shampoo and condition every time you wash, but still suffer from frizz, opt for only shampoo for half of your weekly showers.

Immediate after-shower care – If you blow dry your hair after you shower, opt to let it air dry till its 90% dry. Then style your hair with a dryer on a cooler setting. This will reduce your hair from being dehydrated and in turn cause less frizz.

Dry oil and straight hair – If you straighten your hair, choose to lock in moisture by using dry oil from end to end, while your hair is still damp. Once your hair is 90% dry, blow dry and use the hair straighter to straighten out the kinks.

Mask it – Once a week, use a hair hydrating mask that can be made with natural products at home like avocado, coconut oil, and raw eggs or buy a ready-made hair mask. Discount shopping is a great way to buy your hair masks in bulk. Visit specialist hair care store websites for online sales and deals.


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