How to dress like a celebrity when you are on a budget

Most women will have that one celebrity that they admire for their flawless dress sense. However, most will think that buying a celebrity look will cost a lot of money and therefore their style is unattainable. However, with so many shopping deals online and many stores offering copycat looks, anyone can look like their very own stylist dressed them. Here are some tips on how to get started.

Discipline – To create a budget for your clothing, you will have to save for a few months. To reach your goal, have a separate bank account for shopping alone. Set a budget and wait to shop only after you have reached your goal amount.

Plan your purchases – Use Pinterest, Instagram, and magazines and save potential combinations that you would like to create. Make sure that these combos are practical for your lifestyle, as this would mean that you would get more wear from your outfits.

Shop smart – You should plan to start your shopping when there are discounts online. Buy according to your plan and stop there. You may not get your entire look from one store and therefore you may have to browse or wait patiently until you get what you want.

Put it all together – Once you have organized your outfit try the whole look on and wait for an appropriate event to wear it.