Drew Barrymore talks about raising her kids after divorce

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Barrymore always had a dream that she would have a happy picture perfect family. However, this was not that case and the star now says that she is figuring it out with grace.

The actress has two children, Olive 4 and Frankie 2 from Will Kopelman. The couple chose to get divorced last year after three years of marriage. They have chosen to co-parent their children in New York.

Barrymore spoke about her divorce and raising children in an interview with Ellen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

She said that the divorce was her worst nightmare and that she always wanted to raise her children in a traditional home and now the situation leaves them in a very different situation.

The actress now feels that living her life in the best way that she possibly can, with honesty and love, is the best way to raise and teach her kids. This new attitude has made her feel an incredible sense of freedom and she has gained a new sense of confidence as a mother.

She now thinks that she was lucky because she has given her kids two families and this is a blessing for her and them. Barrymore knows that the road is never easy as a divorced parent, but she intends to figure it out and do so gracefully.

Although the actress says that she has to leave her daughters behind to film and promote her films, she does her best to spend as much time as she can with her girls.