Female artists to watch out for in 2014

Lana Del Rey

While her 2012 major-label debut album amassed mixed reviews, no one can deny it’s hit status. The sales amounted to 5 million copies and extensive airplay. With that in mind, her follow up album is expected to generate more sales and airplay. Let’s hope she’ been reading the critics of her work and, more importantly, that she’s been working on those.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen returned to the scene in 2013 after a 3 year musical hiatus. In that time, she managed to start a family and create a record label. Her comeback single, “Hard out there”, brought her strong feminist side to the table.

She intends to release her third album this year. Knowing her immense talent, it should be of no surprise if the album tops the charts right after launch. Oh, for those wondering, she didn’t change her name as previously announced. Lily Allen is still known as… Lily Allen.


The Grammy and Oscar winning, James Bond singing British singer is expected to release a new one for 2014. It will be interesting to see what Adele comes up with, considering the fact that her previous album was extremely successful. Add to that the “Skyfall” theme song recorded in 2012, and you get the full picture.

Artists have to constantly come up with something better than their last settlement. Adele does look like she has a lot to live up to. But the talented 26 year old does look like she’s headed in the right direction.

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