Reese Witherspoon Gives Relationship Advice

Reese Witherspoon is a successful mother of three, an Oscar winning actress plus an Emmy nominated producer. The actress who is currently married to 41-year-old, talent agent Jim Toth, said that it is important to be with a man who isn’t threaten by a strong woman.

Witherspoon said in an interview that men who can’t handle ambitious women are not worth a women’s time.

The actress has been working on her highly acclaimed HBO series Big Little Lies. Although the show was a success, the show has come under criticism for its mostly Caucasian cast. Reese said that she understands that she is privileged as a white woman in the industry. She went on to say that she always had roles handed to her and that it must be hard being a minority woman in America who has lot fewer opportunities.

Reese said that she believes that being ambitious is a positive trait. She went on to say that families should talk about being ambitious and encourage their children, both boys and girls to help cultivate this trait.

The Star understands that the acting world is difficult to crack into but she tells all those trying to break into to the industry to work hard, and if you are a woman, work even harder.

She tells those women who want to get into politics, it is time to start doing whatever you can now and find an environment that you can grow and make a difference.