Radio and the Journey

Cruising down back country roads, pushing the acceleration as far as it goes. The speedometer reads a cool 70 miles an hour. The windows are down, the warm air blows your hair back and you turn up the radio. Your favorite song is on and you sing all of the words at the top of your lungs as if you had an audience of 400 sitting in the back seat. The song ends and you change the radio station to something more fitting for this wave of sheer pleasure that you are riding.

You consider yourself an avid listener of fine music, but the pop song on the station known for replaying the same top 40 songs over and over catches your ear and you can’t help but tap your foot along with the beat. Nobody is perfect. No shame in indulging ourselves with some mindless music once in a while. If it fits the atmosphere, what more can you ask for?

You see the road begin to bend a quarter mile up the road and switch your right foot from the acceleration to the break and apply pressure. The car begins to slow, and when the speedometer has dropped to 40, the song changes, and so does your mood. It is not a bad change, it is just change. Accepting this change, you turn the wheel, round the bend, and push hard on the acceleration coming out of the turn like a bat out of hell. At last, the grocery store!