The Best Place for Streaming Radio

Streaming radio is also called things such as internet radio or web radio. They all mean the same thing. Listening to music online can be done through radio free stations. You can find a complete list of free internet radio stations at You have the opportunity to enjoy all of your favorite tunes and all you need is an internet connection. You can listen to a wide gamut of music from 70’s music, classical music, sports radio, talk radio, dance music and comedy, just to name a few.

Streaming is done through the internet using a third party service such as RealAudio or MP3’s. Here is some interesting history behind streaming music. The very first live internet broadcast was in 1994 and it was a live band in Seattle. A week after, the Rolling Stones were the first major concert that was broadcast entirely online. The first radio station to broadcast online was WXYC, 89.3 FM in Chapel Hill, NC. What they did was they utilized an FM radio that was connected to SunSite.

At the online radio stations website, you can find the most extensive list of free online radio stations. This is the best guide that is available online. You can search for your favorite radio stations by genre or by region. So if you like country music, you will find a handful of free radio stations that play country music. If you want to listen to music that is broadcasting from Japan, you can do that too.