6 Beauty Lessons to Learn from Angelina Jolie

angelina-jolieWhen it comes to skin care, celebrities are usually on the leading edge—it makes sense, since looking good is part of their job. They always undergo skin care treatments that will make their skin look younger, smoother, and fairer. Angelina Jolie is often cited by many as a skin care queen among celebrities because she consistently looks great—and it’s not all because of makeup, lighting and top aestheticians. Here are a few beauty lessons to learn from Angelina:

1) Keep it Simple: Angelina understands the value of simplicity. For example, she only uses sunscreen to protect her skin from the scorching heat of the sun. She also uses moisturizing products that will help her skin be smooth and never get dry. And since too much make-up can be tough on the skin and make a woman older, Angelina only applies light make-up with the help of a foundation and concealers to get a natural, unexaggerated look.

2) Eat Right: Treatments and cosmetics are just pluses in helping the skin be radiant. However, with Angelina Jolie, her proper eating diet helps keep her skin glowing. Her diet works in plenty of soymilk, vegetables, soups and steamed fish. With this, it helps her body and skin be healthy.

3) Exercise: Cosmetics alone aren’t the key to healthy skin, though most of us wish it could be that easy. The fact is, exercise is a good way to make every woman’s skin healthy and glowing. That’s why Angelina Jolie exercises daily in order to keep her skin ever-radiant. Her preferred workouts involve yoga, Pilates and push-ups.

4) Avoid Overdoing It with Cosmetics: Cosmetics may help women look beautiful, but too much of it can make the skin look older. Angelina Jolie does not use too much cosmetics, which makes her skin look healthier.

5) Focus on Overall Health: When the body is not healthy, the skin reflects this. Angelina Jolie makes sure that her entire body is healthy to make her skin look radiant and young.

6) Work with a Dermatologist: Angelina Jolie has worked with Dr. David Colbert since 2010. He helps her with specialized treatments to remove the top layers of the skin and the dead skin cells. It helped her in removing the “bad” layers to freshen the appearance overall.