Celine Dion’s Top Five Songs of All Time

Celine Dion is a beloved singer who has won several awards for her popular songs. Her voice is like none other and she has an astounding range. Here are her five top hits of all time:

1. My Heart Will Go On
The theme to Titanic is hauntingly beautiful. It is a constant reminder that even though someone may be gone, love is eternal. The song was even more meaningful after Dion’s husband passed away.

2. The Power of Love
Dion’s iconic love song is one of her earliest hits. It showcases the different nuances in her inimitable voice. The song begins with doubt and fear about love and ends with determination. It has been a perennial favorite song for weddings.

3. Because You Loved Me
This is another one of Celine’s top love song. She sings about the triumph and self-esteem that receiving love can bring. Its sentimentality can bring tears to your eyes. This song may also have had a personal meaning between Celine and her late husband/manager.

4. To Love You More
Not only does this song have moving words, but it is the song that highlights Celine’s voice range the most. You can get the full strength of her voice as she is accompanied by a fine violinist. This would be the perfect song for an anniversary.

5. All By Myself
Celine’s remake of this song was one of her top-selling singles. It is a ballad of loneliness; however, it speaks of determination to love again. The song starts in nearly a whisper and crescendos into her vow not to be along any more.