Movies coming out this Christmas

Christmas is inherently a time of great joy. Add to that some wonderful movie releases and you get to have a great celebration. Let’s have a look at some of the releases we are excited about for the 25th of December.

Into the Woods

This movie features a breathtaking cast made up of the legend Meryl Streep, with the versatile Johnny Depp and British star Emily Blunt. Into the Woods offers a modern twist of numerous popular Grimm Brothers tales. The plots of several stories are intertwined in this most awaited movie where Meryl Streep plays a witch. We hope not to be disappointed by this fabulous cast.


Unbroken is the story of the life of Louis Zamperini, role played by Jack O’Connell who was an Olympic runner imprisoned by the Japanese during the second World War. Other members of the cast include John Magaro, Garrett Hedlund and Finn Wittrock. John Magaro with portray Frank A. Tinker, who was an Air Force pilot and befriended Louis Zamperini on his way to a Japanese camp.

The Interview

With a cast comprising mainly of Seth Rogen and James Franco, The Interview promises to be a great entertainment movie. This action-comedy movie follows Dave Skylark and Aaron Rapoport, as they attempt to land an interview with the notorious Kim Jong-Un after they find out that he is a fan of their show. Their plans are then jeopardized as the CIA decide to hire them to assassinate Kim Jong-Un.

Upcoming movie sequels in 2015

2015 can be easily considered the year of upcoming sequels. Some expected sequels would be Jurassic World, Ted 2, Star Wars: Episode VII, James Bond 24 and Fast and Furious 7.

The Woman in Black: Angel of Death

Angel of Death is the sequence to the British horror movie, The Woman in Black starring Daniel Radcliffe who would not be in the movie this time as the character sets for this installment are completely different to the first one. The movie promises to bring the same thrills that the first one brought.

Mission: Impossible 5

Tom Cruise will reprise his role as the popular IMF agent, Ethan Hawke in this fifth movie installment. The movie is expected to be out by December 2015 and most of the filming are being done in Vienna, Morocco and in London.

Ted 2

This would be the second installment of the Seth MacFarlane directed movie. While Mark Wahlberg will reprise his role, Mila may have a small part. The principal cast alongside Mark Wahlberg this time would be Amanda Seyfried. Ted would be voiced by Seth MacFarlane.

Jurassic World

More than a decade after the release of Jurassic Park III in 2001, Jurassic World will release in 2015. The movie is produced by Patrick Crowley, Frank Marshall and Thomas Tull. This new installment promises some wonderful moments of animation and disasters worthy of a good Jurassic movie. Fans of these movies might be expecting a lot from the tardy release.

Female artists to watch out for in 2014

Lana Del Rey

While her 2012 major-label debut album amassed mixed reviews, no one can deny it’s hit status. The sales amounted to 5 million copies and extensive airplay. With that in mind, her follow up album is expected to generate more sales and airplay. Let’s hope she’ been reading the critics of her work and, more importantly, that she’s been working on those.

Lily Allen

Lily Allen returned to the scene in 2013 after a 3 year musical hiatus. In that time, she managed to start a family and create a record label. Her comeback single, “Hard out there”, brought her strong feminist side to the table.

She intends to release her third album this year. Knowing her immense talent, it should be of no surprise if the album tops the charts right after launch. Oh, for those wondering, she didn’t change her name as previously announced. Lily Allen is still known as… Lily Allen.


The Grammy and Oscar winning, James Bond singing British singer is expected to release a new one for 2014. It will be interesting to see what Adele comes up with, considering the fact that her previous album was extremely successful. Add to that the “Skyfall” theme song recorded in 2012, and you get the full picture.

Artists have to constantly come up with something better than their last settlement. Adele does look like she has a lot to live up to. But the talented 26 year old does look like she’s headed in the right direction.

4 concerts you’ll be glad you did not attend

The Rolling Stones, Altamont

This concert was a wrap up to their very successful US tour. Instead, it turned out to be nothing short of a disaster. They hired members of the Hells Angels to ensure security, which turned out to be a bad idea. Crowd fights ended up in injuries and, sadly, one person was killed, apparently following a feud with a member of the motorcycle club.

Pukkelpop Music Festival, Belgium

Belgium is known for its rainy climate. Couple that with heavy storms and you get a recipe to disaster. Multiple stages collapsed under the storms.

The result, four people died and the concert was cancelled. Belgian meteorologists affirmed that such a storm was unprecedented. Too bad for the Foo Fighters and Offspring fans who came in numbers.

Pearl Jam, Roskilde, Denmark

Nine people lost their lives during this concert. It all happened when fans rushed the stage. The band dealt with it the right way though. The stopped the show right away and stayed in contact with the families even after the concert. They even wrote a song, Love Boat Captain, for these people.

 Damageplan, Ohio

Undoubtedly, the most tragic concerts of our era. That night, Damageplan and ex-Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrell, along with three other people, were shot multiple times by a deranged fan. The cause, the fan blamed the guitarist for leaving Pantera, and therefore causing the band to break-up.

This event made the headlines and inspired multiple tributes by bands such as Machine Head and Black Label Society.