What Differentiates an Executive Producer from a Producer?

Article provided by David Guillod.

If you’re an avid movie watcher, you’ll likely notice two titles in the opening of a movie: producer and executive producer. If you’re curious, you might wonder what separates the two. In fact, there are two notable differences between both titles. This article is designed to break down these roles

What is a Producer?

Often referred to as the manager of a movie, the producer handles all aspects of the production phase. This individual will promote the film, go over the initial script, and take care of everything else in between. The producer reports to the executive producer.

Once funding for the movie has been acquired by the studio, it is up to the producer to ensure that the film works within the allocated budget. Moreover, the producer hires and coordinates specialists to help with the film’s creation.

What is an Executive Producer?

An executive producer differs from a producer in that he or she will prepare the budget for the movie and seek funding from either investors or a production company. Many of these investors are considered “executive producers” as well. Moreover, the executive producer also hires the producer but will not handle the rest of the hiring process. Rather, he or she will direct the producer to ensure that the production process is going as planned and on a timely schedule.

Although the executive producer usually does not handle the technological aspects of the movie, he or she can provide advice and contribute to the creative aspects of the film. The executive producer will also organize any legal documents and scripts that are necessary for the making of the film. They play a crucial role in the oversight of any movie and are a pivotal part of the process.

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